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Dispute a Content Categorization

If you disagree with a destination's content category classification, you can dispute the destination's categorization. Umbrella and Cisco Talos share a unified set of content categories. You can submit a category dispute request through Umbrella or Cisco Talos.

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Submit Categorization Request Through Cisco Talos

You can submit a domain, an IP address, or a file hash to Cisco Talos, and request that Talos review the content category assigned to the destination. For more information, see Cisco Talos Reputation Center.

Submit Categorization Request Through Umbrella

  1. Navigate to Reporting > Additional Reports > Top Destinations. Click a destination to navigate to the Destination Details.

Alternatively, navigate to Reports > Core Reports > Activity Search. Click the action menu and choose View Full Details.

  1. Click Dispute Categorization.
  2. Under Problem Area select Content Categorization.
  1. Choose a category to suggest for the destination.
  1. Provide comments and a description of the destination for your suggestion.
  1. Enter an email address for the notification. Umbrella sends your suggestion directly to Talos for consideration. Talos replies with the resolution to the email address that you provide.
  2. Click Submit.

Migrate Content Categories < Dispute a Content Categorization > View Content Categories in Reports

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Dispute a Content Categorization

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