Average Bandwidth

Cisco Umbrella SIG packages are subject to an Average Bandwidth of up to 50 kilobits per second (“kbps”) per user, based on a 95th percentile calculation. This means that 95% of the time, usage will be at or below this amount. Utilizing a 95th percentile model allows peaks in usage that exceed the limit for brief periods of time.

Cisco will continuously measure Your usage of Umbrella SIG throughout a rolling 30-day period to determine Your Average Bandwidth per user. The formula for Average Bandwidth is:

Average Bandwidth = 95th Percentile Bandwidth / Number of Covered Users

The 95th Percentile Bandwidth is calculated by:

  • observing Your traffic samples over the course of 30 days at each Cisco Umbrella data center Your traffic is sent to,
  • discarding the top 5% of the traffic samples at each such data center and taking the next highest traffic sample value (this next highest traffic sample value is called the “Peak Value”), and
  • adding together the Peak Value for each data center.

Traffic samples for purposes of this calculation include Umbrella DNS, secure web gateway (proxy) and cloud delivered firewall traffic for applicable packages.

Cisco will work in good faith with customers to resolve any excessive usage. If usage cannot be sufficiently reduced by a customer, it may become necessary to purchase additional Covered Users in order to reduce bandwidth or query limits to acceptable levels.

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