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Edit a Real Time Rule

After adding a Real Time rule, you can edit it to change what traffic it monitors (identities and destinations), the data classifications that require monitoring, and whether content is blocked or only monitored.


  • HTTPS Inspection must be enabled either on the Web Default Policy, or at least one web policy ruleset where the same identity is configured in a DLP rule. For example, if the identity "Network A" is configured for a DLP rule, it must also be configured for a web policy ruleset where HTTPS is enabled. For more information, see HTTPS Inspection.
  • Full Admin access to the Umbrella dashboard. See Manage User Roles.


  1. Navigate to Policies > Management > Data Loss Prevention Policy.
  1. Select a rule from the More Actions menu, click Edit Rule.
    The data loss prevention rule configuration appears.
  1. Edit the rule and click Save. For more information, see Add a Rule to the Data Loss Prevention Policy.

Understand Exclusions in a Real Time Rule < Edit a Real Time Rule > Delete a Real Time Rule

Updated 5 months ago

Edit a Real Time Rule

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