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Manage Advanced App Controls

An application listed in an application setting or Web policy rule may include advanced app controls. If an application has advanced app controls, you can configure certain actions for the application: block the application, block the application from uploading content, block the application from downloading content, or block the application from both uploading and downloading content.

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Control Apps in the Policy Application Settings

  1. Navigate to Policies > Policy Components > Application Settings.
  1. Select an application list setting to edit or click Add to create a new application setting.
  2. Select Web Policy.
    To manage an application with advanced app controls, you must add the application list to a Web policy.
  1. Search for one of the apps with Advanced App Control.
  2. Click the checkbox for the app to block the application.
    In addition, apps with advanced app controls can block specific content:
    • Block the application from uploading content
    • Block the application from downloading content
    • Block the application from uploading and downloading content
  1. Click Save.

Control Apps in a Web Policy Rule

To manage Advanced App Controls for an app, you must enable HTTPS Inspection for the Web policy. For more information, see Manage the Web Policy.

  1. Navigate to Policies > Web Policy and click Add or expand an existing ruleset.
  1. Click Add Rule or Edit Rule.
  1. Click Add Destination or Edit Destination, click Application Settings, and then choose an application list setting.
  1. Search for one of the apps with advanced app controls.
  2. Click the checkbox of the app to block all content for the app.
    To block only specific content, click the checkbox next to one or all of the advanced control options:
    • Block the application from uploading content
    • Block the application from downloading content
    • Block the application from uploading and downloading content
  1. Click Save to apply the changes to the rule.

Apps with Advanced App Controls

If apps have advanced app controls, you can block all content for the app, block the app from uploading content including posts and shares, and block the app from downloading content.

Application Names
Use Case

Cloud Storage

Google Drive
LinkedIn Slideshare

Users can prevent uploads of files
to the cloud storage platforms.


Facebook Messenger

Users can block uploads of files
to collaboration apps.

Content Management

Egnyte Connect

Users can block uploads of files
to content management apps.



Users can block uploads of files
to media apps.

Office Productivity


Users can block uploads of files
to office productivity apps.

Peer to Peer

Citrix Sharefile
File Send

Users can block uploads of files
to peer to peer (P2P) apps.

Social Media


Users can prevent any post or share
to the social media platforms.

*You can only block file uploads to Facebook.
Posts and shares cannot be blocked.

Webmail (Office Productivity)

Yandex Mail

Users can block attachments in emails
from being uploaded. Emails can be read
and attachments downloaded, but attachment
uploads are blocked.


If advanced app control is not working as expected, check the following:

  • Application settings are configured in the required Web policy. You can check your Web policy by visiting
  • HTTPS Inspection is enabled in the Web policy. Advanced app control only works if HTTPS inspection is enabled. See Add a Ruleset to the Web Policy.
  • The domain is not exempt from HTTPS inspection. Expand the Web policy and click Edit below HTTPS Inspection.
  • The domain—for example,—is not listed in Configuration > Domain Management > External Domains & IPs. Any domains or IPs on this list bypass the secure web gateway and route to your local resolver. This list applies to PAC file and AnyConnect deployments.
  • SWG must be enabled. The intelligent proxy is not supported.
  • Error condition when managing Advanced App Controls for the Pastebin app. Contact Umbrella support.

When an application is blocked, the Umbrella block page is not displayed. Instead, an in-app error message is shown.
If you need to raise a support case, contact Umbrella Support with the following details:

  • The output of
  • The expected policy and identity, for example: network name or SAML user.
  • The expected outcome and application setting, for example: block uploads to Dropbox.

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Manage Advanced App Controls

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