Control Cloud Access to Dropbox

This procedure describes how to add a new Tenant Controls setting to Umbrella and allow access to the cloud-based application Dropbox. Once added, this setting can be selected when adding a ruleset to the Web policy. Settings created here can be reused in multiple rulesets. For more information rulesets, see Add a Ruleset to the Web Policy.

Note: Tenant Controls is available only for the Web policy.


  • Tenant Control is available only for Dropbox Enterprise accounts.
  • The following Dropbox specific data is required to configure Tenant Controls and allow access to to the cloud-based application Dropbox:
    • Team Name
    • Team ID

For information about the Team ID and how to find it using Dropbox developer tools, see Dropbox for HTTP developers. You choose the Team Name to provide a mnemonic identifier for the team.


  1. Navigate to Policies > Policy Components > Tenant Restrictions and click Add or expand the default Global Tenant Controls setting.
    Note: Tenant Controls is enabled by default for a ruleset. The ruleset uses the default Tenant Control setting if no other Tenant Control setting is configured for that ruleset.
  1. Give your configuration a good descriptive Setting Name and select Dropbox.
  1. To grant access to Dropbox from within your organization:
    Enter a Team Name and a Team ID. See Dropbox for HTTP developers to determine your Team ID. The Team Name is a string of your choosing to provide a mnemonic identifier to associate with the Team ID.
    You can add multiple teams.
  1. Click Save.
    This new Tenant Controls setting is now available for selection when you add a ruleset to the Web policy.

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