[Draft] Before You Begin

Table of Contents

  1. Obtain an Umbrella Account
  2. Download the Desired Installer for Deployment
  3. Download the Roaming Security Module Profile from the Umbrella Dashboard
  4. Deploy the Umbrella Root CA before Deploying the Client

Obtain an Umbrella Account

An active Umbrella account is required for access to the roaming client profile.

##Download the Installer for Deployment

For most deployments, access the installer from For non-connected deploys, the software is also available to licensed users at

To obtain access to the Cisco Secure Client on SecureX, visit the Device Insights page on SecureX. Most users may also download the client from if permitted by the smart account licenses attached to your Cisco login. This can be accessed at

Standard Deployment (Download full package):

  • Full Installer

Network Installer (smaller package, installer downloads the full installation resources at install time)

  • Network Installer

Download Umbrella Roaming Security Profile

The OrgInfo.json file is the specific information about your Umbrella dashboard instance that lets the Roaming Security module know where to report and what policies to enforce. To prepare for deploying the Umbrella Roaming Security module, you must obtain the OrgInfo.json file from the Umbrella dashboard.

  1. Navigate to Deployments > Core Identities > Roaming Computers and click Roaming Client.
  1. Click Download Module Profile to download the OrgInfo.json file.

For specific installation/deployment steps and package and file specifics, see the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Administrator Guide

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